FREE On-Line Optic Fiber Network and Advanced OTDR Operators Training Course.

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Lesson 1: Fundamentals of Optic Fiber – What is Optic Fiber?

Lesson 2: Fundamentals of Optic Fiber – Splicing, Joining and Fiber Components

Lesson 3: Theory Of Fibre Optics - Part 1

Lesson 4: Theory Of Fibre Optics - Part 2

A more detailed syllabus is displayed below:

  • Introduction
    • Who is Van Guard Data / Who is your Trainer?
    • What is the OTDR Emulator?
    • What is the Format of this Training?
    • Theory Lessons
    • Practical Lessons
    • How does the OTDR Emulator help my training?
    • What do you get with the VanGuard Data OTDR Training Pack?
    • Course Milestones and assessments

  • Lesson 3: Theory Of Fibre Optics - Part 1
    • Light Propagation in an Optical Fibre
      • What is Refraction?
        • Refraction Vs. Reflection
        • Total Internal Refraction and the Critical Angle
    • Index Of Refraction (IOR)
    • Optical Wavelength

  • Lesson 4: Theory Of Fibre Optics - Part 2
    • Measuring Optical Power, Attenuation and Loss
      • The Watt
      • Decibel (dB)
      • Logarithm
    • Attenuation
      • Causes of Attenuation
        • Absorption
        • Rayleigh Scattering
    • Optical Event Losses
      • Non-Reflective Events
        • Splices
        • Pressure Points
    • Reflective Events
      • Optical Through Connectors

More Lessons being released as they are converted to Web Format in the coming weeks.

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