Features of the OTDR Emulator and Training Facility.

  • Accurate emulation of OTDR operation using advanced mathematical modeling techniques provides a software simulated OTDR capable of producing realistic traces on any combination of events or fiber lengths.
  • The Fiber tested is virtual and built on the system by adding user defined events and fiber lengths. The website_users can therefore build any type and length of fiber right from the application.
  • Fully distributed education system giving instructors the ability to administrate and set examinations over the Internet.
  • Self contained Assessment Facility produces reports on the trace quality and students ability to perform event analysis. Click To See Example Report
  • Built in Loss Test Set Emulator to measured insertion Loss across the same fiber that the OTDR Emulator takes traces on to make a accurate Link Loss to Insertion Loss comparison.
  • Many powerful features that are above what a real OTDR can provide in the class room - See Not Limited By Physics.